CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) is an assessment exam for those who are interested in practicing as registered nurses overseas.


CGFNS is abbreviated as “The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools”. CGFNS is an internationally recognized authority on credentials evaluation and verifications related to the licensure and registration of nurses and medical professionals all across the globe.

Information On CGFNS

  • It is a specifically designed program for nurses (first level) who have been qualified outside USA and are eligible to work in the USA.
  • The CGFNS qualifying exam is held in more than 50 countries across the world.
  • CGFNS exam tests the knowledge and understanding of nursing as practiced in the United States.
  • Since there has been a remarkable rise in the number of nurses migrating to the US, this program came into occurrence.
  • The aim of the CGFNS exam is to promote this profession for the health safety of the general public.

  • CGFNS Exam Dates

    The CGFNS is conducted three times in a year. Read on to know more information about dates for CGFNS.

  • FAQs on CGFNS

    Some precise notes can help you at any point of time and can remove confusions. Read on to know some FAQ'S in CGFNS.

  • Fee Structure for CGFNS

    CGFNS fees cover several aspects and areas. Read on to know what the fees structure is for CGFNS.

  • Registration Procedure for CGFNS

    The registration for CGFNS can be done either online or mail. Read on to know more about the registration procedure for CGFNS.

  • CGFNS Test Structure

    It is a paper-pencil based test. It takes almost takes 3 hours and 80 minutes for its completion. Read on to know more about type of CGFNS test.

  • Required Documents for CGFNS Exam

    CGFNS requires a careful assimilation of documents. Read on to know more about required documents for CGFNS exam.

  • CGFNS Scores

    As Credentials evaluation is a documentation process, no score is there for it. Read on to know other score information.