LNAT stands for "National Admission's Test for Law" for entry to foreign universities. Read on to know all about LNAT test.


LNAT is a test run by a consortium of UK universities and Pearson VEU runs LNAT in a partnership. The test is conducted to choose the best applicants among highly qualified aspirants for their undergraduate law program. Read on to know more information about LNAT test.
Information About LNAT Test
  • This test basically helps in creating fairer choices among the whole lot of candidates for the final selections for the program.
  • It imparts a degree level of education at the level of higher studies overseas.
  • It very well blends the global qualification criteria and academic potential of the aspirants.
  • You can get admission to the law courses in the top most colleges like Oxford, Leeds, Birmingham and many more. 


    LNAT is an online test, done in duration of around 2 hours. Read on to know the FAQ LNAT.

  • General Instructions For LNAT

    Instructions for taking an exam are a must to be followed. Read on to know some general instructions for LNAT.

  • Good Score in LNAT

    The better knowledge you have in politics, environment and law, more you will score. Read on to know ways to get good score in LNAT.

  • LNAT Computerized Exam

    LNAT is a computer-adaptive test and it has time duration of 2 hours. Read on to know about LNAT-computerized exam.

  • Registration Procedure For LNAT

    You must register first only through Pearson VUE server and then follow the corresponding steps. Read on to know the registration procedure for LNAT.

  • LNAT Fees

    The fee for the LNAT exam is shared between the candidate and the university to which one applies. Read on to know about LNAT fees.