SAT, commonly known as Scholastic Aptitude Test, is meant for taking up higher studies after school. Read on to know further what the definition of SAT exam is.

SAT Exam

SAT is the standardized exam for students who want admissions in the colleges to carry out their further studies. The official body conducting the exam is College Board. It measures the domain expertise of a student and help in deciding about their future. SAT is becoming increasingly popular now-a-days and has been able to grab attention from a majority of students. It allows the students to reach a higher level at a faster pace and in a channelized order.
What Does Scholastic Assessment Test Means?
  • SAT is known as Scholastic Assessment Test. SAT is offered seven times per year as a part of the schedule of the College Board.
  • SAT commences in the month of October and ends in June.
  • SAT is usually taken by students who are in 10th standard or are in 12th standard, to check their readiness and better exposure to colleges in future.
  • SAT is conducted and developed by College Board Organization and it is administered by ETS (Educational Testing Services).
  • SAT is a paper-pencil based examination owned, developed and published by the College Board which is a non-profit organization.
  • It is further divided into two parts, one is SAT reasoning test (SAT 1) and the other is SAT subject test (SAT 2).
  • SAT is 3 hours and 45 minutes test. SAT measures skills in three Fields: Writing, Critical Reading and Mathematics.
  • Apart from the multiple choice questions, students are also required to write a 25-minute essay.
  • SAT is an entrance exam for those students who want to study abroad or take admission in other colleges.
  • It consists of three sections: mathematics, critical reading and writing.
What are the advantages of taking SAT test?
The perspective of education is changing day by day and it gives more number of advantages to them, SAT exam is one such medium. Read on to know the advantages of taking SAT exam.
Benefits Of Taking Scholastic Aptitude Test
  • The College Board mentions that the SAT evaluates literacy and writing skills that are required for academic success in college.
  • The basic fundamental logic behind conducting the exam is making the student’s use their present academic knowledge into further practices.
  • The need of the SAT exam is to provide a better judgmental criterion for the student’s knowledge assessment.
  • In this the way, the students do not have ambiguity about their potential, as they are judged by the higher official bodies.
  • Nearly all colleges accept the SAT scores for further admissions in the colleges.
  • In a nutshell, SAT exam checks the readiness of a student for taking higher education in colleges.
  • SAT evaluates candidate’s knowledge in particular streams and the ability to apply that knowledge.
  • Many colleges require one or more of these tests for admission or for placement purposes.
  • You can take SAT exam as many times you want in order to reach your aim.
  • It gives the best self evaluation of an individual’s talent or area of expertise.
  • It gives a direction to an individual’s career and help in providing a candidate with a better insight.
  • SAT score is acceptable by nearly all the colleges and you would get better number of opportunities, if you take this exam.
  • You basic knowledge gets further cemented and you get to be confident about yourself.
  • You are able to judge your position in the competitive scenario and you can foresee where you actually stand.
  • You do not waste time in deciding your career path; instead it is decided much in advance.

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