ELAT stands for English Literature Admissions Test. Read on to know all about ELAT exam.


  • ELAT stand for English Literature Admissions Test.  Applicants take the test for seeking admission to the University of Oxford for undergraduate courses in English
  • Students who are in the last year of the pre-university usually take the ELAT.
  • It is a total of 90 minutes test that is designed to measure student’s English language efficiency, which decides their future in this field.

Information About ELAT Exam

  • The key skills which are required to be shown in the exam are close reading, structure of the passages, ability to develop an argument for the passage, syntax, language and imagery.
    You need to write and compare essays; it is the sole criteria for the judgment of a student’s aptitude.
  • The aim of conducting ELAT exam is to create a huge talent resource pool and select on the basis of extremely well qualification.
  • Oxford University approaches the official bodies (Cambridge Assessment) for conducting the test.
  • A candidate can sit in the ELAT exam in school itself or if the school doesn’t conduct exams, then official organizers should be contacted for the same in your region.
  • ELAT examination is for undergraduate courses; hence the eligibility requirement has no particular criteria.
  • Students who have passed secondary and higher secondary exams or are still there in the last  year of their pre-university college, can apply for the course.

  • ELAT Exam Dates

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  • ELAT Exam FAQs

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  • Fees Structure For ELAT

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  • ELAT Registration

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  • ELAT Scores

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  • ELAT Exam Structure

    ELAT is a standardized 1 hour and 30 minutes, a pen-paper based test. Read on to know more information on ELAT exam pattern and structure.

  • ELAT Test Day Essentials

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  • General Tips For ELAT

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  • Identification Requirements For ELAT

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