Thinking Skills Assessment or TSA is a pre-interview admission test for various undergraduate courses at University of Oxford. Read on to know what TSA oxford is.

TSA Oxford

TSA Oxfordstands for Thinking Skills Assessment Oxford. Courses like Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Economics and Management (E&M), Experimental Psychology (EP) and Psychology and Philosophy are opted at the University of Oxford. The courses can be taken in the undergraduate stream before the official interviews. Read on to know more information about TSA Oxford exam. It is for the undergraduate courses, therefore whoever has been through school, can apply for the test.
Information About TSA Oxford Exam
  • In order to make a correct assessment of a candidate’s ability, TSA Oxford offers studies in various fields. The fields are mainly psychology, PPE, EM, EP and Psychology.
  • A candidate is supposed to attempt questions in the above mentioned fields, so that a correct assessment about the student’s ability can be made.
  • The exam is a 90 minute multiple choice paper.
  • It has two sections of problem solving and critical thinking. You need to be well versed with numerical and reasoning skills.
  • You also have to go through a writing task, in which you should be able to prove your writing skill and the ability to communicate effectively.

  • How to Score High

    Some wise tricks can really boost your chances to get through. Read on to know about scoring high in TSA Oxford.

  • Scoring Scales

    For the assessment of your skills, you should know the scoring scales for TSA Oxford. Read on to know scoring scales for TSA Oxford.

  • TSA Oxford Format

    TSA Oxford is a two-hour pre-interview test, consisting of two sections. Read on to know test format/structure for TSA Oxford.

  • TSA Oxford Checklist

    Apart from important things like id-proofs, one must cross check the test day things. Read on to know test day checklist for TSA Oxford.

  • Advantages Of TSA Oxford

    Read on to know about the advantages of taking TSA Oxford (Thinking Skills Assessment Oxford).

  • Identity Proof

    Read on to know all about the identity (ID) proof that one has to keep for appearing in the TSA Oxford exam.

  • TSA Oxford Registration

    Know all about the registration process of Thinking Skills Assessment Oxford exam.

  • Frequently Asked Questions on TSA Oxford

    Read on to know some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the TSA Oxford exam/test.

  • TSA Oxford Fees

    A major thing to know for any entrance exam is the fees. Read on to know more about fees for TSA Oxford.

  • TSA Oxford Dates

    Thinking Skills Assessment is a paper-based test which takes place before the preliminary interviews. Read on to know exam/test dates for TSA Oxford.