STEP is also termed as Sixth Term Examination Papers conducted in the field of mathematics. Read on to know what STEP exam is.

STEP- Sixth Term Examination Papers

It is particularly offered to take the mathematics examination. It is set up in the United Kingdom to asses a student’s academic capability in the field of mathematics by Cambridge Assessment Body. Read on to know more information on STEP exam.

STEP Exam Cambridge
·         STEP is an examination which has been set to assess applicants for undergraduate mathematics courses.
·         Apart from Cambridge, universities like Warwick also accept STEP scores for admission.
·         Now, Cambridge Assessment Centre conducts this examination to judge the brightest possible pool of students, suitable for this course.
·         STEP is divided into two papers, one is STEP I, STEP II and STEP III. Usually two exams are conducted on a day and the last one is conducted a day after that.
·         The STEP I and STEP II are based on A level of mathematics, while the STEP III is based on advanced mathematics A level.

  • STEP Exam Dates

    Help yourself and make your planning certain in terms of examination dates. Read on to know more on STEP exam dates.

  • STEP " Frequently asked Questions

    Convert your eleventh hour questions into simple answers through a quick series of questions. Read on to know about STEP FAQS.

  • STEP Exam Fee

    There is a separate fee for each STEP paper (I, II, III). Read on to know the cost for STEP Cambridge.

  • STEP- General Tips

    You need to emphasize on your basic academic skills for STEP. Read on to know information on STEP Cambridge preparation.

  • Documents Required for STEP Exam

    A proper preparation for your exam is complete when you are equipped with all the requirements. Read on to know the required proof for STEP exam.

  • Registration for STEP

    Registration can be done by contacting to the STEP center in your country. Read on to know information on registration for STEP Cambridge.

  • STEP Scoring System

    The questions in STEP are marked out of 20; there is also a criterion for reward marks. Read on to know the minimum score for STEP Cambridge

  • STEP Exam Structure

    Candidates are required to sit the STEP examination as per the university guidelines. Read on to know the format of STEP exam.