Germany is your destination if you wish to develop professional skills and earn excellent earning opportunities. This article presents the different internship programs offered in Germany.

Internship Programs in Germany

Students, who have just passed out from college or university, hope to seek great career opportunities and for the same, opt for an internship program with a leading and well-established organization in the market. Almost every company offers an internship program to deserving candidates to help them prepare for the future career and fulfill their dreams of becoming an important part of a corporate house. So, when comes to an internship placement, none would want to compromise with the circumstances and instead, each candidate would want to head towards the best available opportunity. Germany, being one of the world’s leading economies, is a hub for quality education, be it for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral courses, or even during internship training. Developments and innovations come naturally to Germany as it has the correct resources and apt knowledge to bestow upon its interns, giving them a lifetime of an experience working in Germany, improving German language skills, and discovering the rich German culture.
Be it family-home businesses, medium-scale companies, or multinational houses, every German organization provides the opportunity of delivering a firsthand experience of the booming industry. Right from business and engineering to finance and IT, tourism and media to international relations and economics, the option for internship programs is varied and unlimited. In fact, the placement fields extend beyond these typical subjects. While most interns get a handsome stipend to survive living in Germany, scholarships are offered to those who are hired on unpaid internships. The pay varies largely from company to company, with the minimum being 650 Euros. However, the amount can reduce to approximately 450 Euros in case accommodation or meals are provided by the host company. The program duration lasts for 3 to 12 months, depending upon the choice of the students. Read on further to know the procedure of internship program application in Germany and the eligibility criteria for the same.
Internship Programs in Germany
Eligibility Criteria
  • To apply for an internship program in Germany, you should be at least 18 years of age but not more than 35 years.
  • You should be enrolled with an accredited college or university, before, during, and after the program.
  • In case you are a graduate, you can also participate in the internship program as long as the internship begins within three months of your graduation.
  • It is important to have at least two years of post-secondary instruction in German, or the equivalent. You can undertake additional language training, if required during the internship.
  • You should possess at least two years of university level studies in the field of study in which you wish to take up the internship program.
  • Any kind of practical experience, such as summer employment, prior internship, or lab position, will be highly appreciated and will improve your chances of getting hired with a better host company. The more experienced you are, the more desirable you are for the hiring organization.
Program Fees
The fee charged for internship placements in Germany is relatively low as compared to other internship destinations. Affordable and convenient; Germany focuses on attracting young adults from abroad and providing the right kind of assistance to suit their needs. About 500 Euros is charged by German companies for an internship placement, which is inclusive of non-refundable 50 Euros as application fee.
Application Procedure
  • Internships are available round the year, though they generally coincide with semester breaks. The process of applying to German companies should begin at least 3 months before the planned start of the placement.
  • Surf through the internet to find the list of companies offering internship placements in various fields. Check out the positions offered and their eligibility.
  • Shortlist the positions that are of interest to you. Make sure that you fit in the requirements of the company; else pick up another position. The more companies you apply to, the greater are your chances of getting placed soon in your preferred organization.
  • Fill in the application form posted on the company’s website and submit it along with copies of a cover letter, your updated resume, German language certificate, letters of reference, letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, photographs, and application fees.
  • After you have sent your application packet, wait for about two weeks for the company to process your application. You will be intimated via email once you are accepted by a company.
  • Ask for further details regarding the duration of the internship, the stipend offered, the position to be held, and other related information.
  • Along with the answers to your question, the company will send you an internship contract and an invoice for deposit of internship fee. Sign the contract and deposit the internship fee within the stipulated time period.
  • Apply for an internship visa with the German embassy producing all your documents indicating your confirmation for the program.
  • Secure the internship visa and complete all the formalities required.
  • It is advised to reach Germany about 7 days before the commencement of your internship program, as this would give you time to arrange for your accommodation and get a know-how about the country.

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